Dedication and efficiency

Signifikant’s niche is the PLM processes within aftermarket and parts software and our services are targeted towards spare part catalogues and aftermarket documentation. We are focused and love what we do!

Implementation services

Project implementation. Integrations. Training.
Customizations. Or data entry. Signifikant will enable a smooth and efficient implementation.

At Signifikant we believe in fulfilling complete needs of our customers. We make sure that our end-product achieves to its highest quality and to the optimized efficiency. To achieve this, we offer varieties of additional support services.


Signifikant’s experience and processes will enable a quickly and smooth implementation.

Data migration and data entry

Signifikant offers data import, migration work and manual data entry of legacy information.

Portal development

Signifikant may ensure the platform fits well into existing portals or develop an aftermarket portal.

Custom modules

Each organization is unique and may have specific needs. Signifikant will help with development of custom features and customizations.


Signifikant will help you design your processes and corresponding integrations to ERP, PLM or e-Commerce to create a smooth and efficient way of working.


Signifikant will help with the needed training. And repeat it as needed.

Custom development

Create an aftermarket portal based on Signifikant’s library of components and many years of experience in bringing aftermarket solution online. Signifikant offers professional services and outsourced development.

How do we sort out the parts puzzle and create a well-structured aftermarket database? How do we refine the E-BOM into an S-BOM in a smooth or automated process? How do we create individual parts catalogues for products based on configuration, filtering rules or other aspects? How can we handle resellers re-building delivered machines and make sure that modifications are documented?

The questions are many! Signifikant has the experience to be a partner in the challenges within the aftermarket.

Professional services

Signifikant offers pre-studies, process improvement experts, requirements experts, project management and software development.

  • Niche competence within the aftermarket and parts software
  • Unique know-how in modular configuration of individual parts catalogues and filtering
  • Support by a highly skilled staff

Integrations and data migration

Integrate information in various solutions or migrate from legacy systems to provide aftermarket staff with the most updated and accurate customer data, product information and run time details to better service clients.

  • Better quality in after market information
  • Improved efficiency
  • More time to focus on meeting strategic business goals
  • Increased customer satisfaction and aftermarket sales
  • Integrated information

Custom development and support

A dedicated team with the expertise of aftermarket IT solutions will help optimize processes and develop an aftermarket solution, e.g. an aftermarket portal, a custom parts catalogue, service management solution or feedback solution.

  • Access to best practices within the aftermarket
  • Know how in aftermarket and parts catalogue software, modular product design and product individuals
  • Improved productivity in the software development of the aftermarket
  • Support by a highly skilled team
  • Free up internal resources
  • Reduced TCO